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Architectural Design

Architecture is the first thing people see when looking at a building, and we design every building with thought, care, and innovation so that each project has a unique look that suits the client needs and objectives. Anyone can build a building, but we as licensed architects bring buildings to life with attention to detail, working experience of all building types, and the knowledge of what makes a building great to the users of the space.

Interior Design

Interior design goes hand in hand with the architecture of a building. We follow the building concept design through from the site, to the outside, to the inside of the space. The continuity of the design is important to the experience of the project, and we like to have our exteriors and interiors work together so that they compliment one another. The same amount of thought and detail that go into the exterior also goes into our interiors, and we pride ourselves on getting clients needs met in the interior design of any building we work on.

Master Planning

Master planning is the overall designing of a large area or project. Master plans are often provided for large residential or commercial developments, school or hospital campuses and are used as a tool for community planning. We can help with the initial development of any master plan project, aiding in determining zoning requirements, land use, development permit requirements, community engagement and navigating Town or City processes.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are often the first stage of any project. They are an evaluation tool that clients can use to determine the feasibility of a project. We analyze the site, aid with building proforma, and provide an initial cost per square foot. Feasibility studies can vary from a sketch to a report that documents all the initial findings.

Building Assessment Services

Building assessment services are available when an existing building needs to be evaluated in terms of its life span, functionality, aesthetics, and viability. We will come in and assess the existing condition and make observations and recommendations on what the options are to move forward with the building and the space.

Building Code Review

Building code reviews are often required for existing and older buildings, we will come in and review the existing conditions and determine whether the building and spaces meet the current building code, providing a full report on each element examined.

Drafting Services

In addition to architectural services, we also offer drafting services. While architectural services include architecture and building design, drafting services can also be provided if a design is already in place and all that is required is a set of permit or construction drawings. We can itemize our services to allow for any level of service that is required.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building information modelling is an intelligent 3D model-based process that allows for a shared knowledge of resources for information about a building, provided in a single platform. BIM requires input from the entire consultant team to be a successful management tool for clients, and we can provide the base building and oversee the collaboration process to achieve an accurate building model.

3D Rendering

Often clients need to see a visual representation of their building or idea before moving ahead with design and construction, and we can provide clear, realistic 3D renderings of any project that can help the project come to life for Town/City presentations, community open houses, board meetings or perhaps to aid in securing funding. We are able to place projects in their existing context, which allows for realistic environments surrounding the building image.

Costing Analysis

Costing analysis is generally provided with every project we work on and can vary from budget pricing on a cost per square foot basis, to detailed cost analysis with detailed breakdown of each element. Cost savings analysis can also be done, to help identify elements in the budget that can be deferred or eliminated in order to realize savings.

Acoustical Analysis

Simple acoustic analysis service is available, where we can come in and evaluate a space for its basic requirements and help identify any problem areas. We also work closely with acoustical consultant specialists to design specific spaces such as theatres, gymnasiums, pools, etc. where acoustical issues are often critical to the use of the space.

Contract Administration

Contract administration services are provided at the construction stage when administering the construction contract. We can provide representation on behalf of the owner when working with the selected contractor, and will provide periodic site reviews, inspecting progress and general conformity to the design.

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