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Design Philosophy

Client Focused
The design team at Field Lievers Architecture Ltd. is committed to providing our clients exceptional service through all phases of the project. Our most powerful tool to accomplish this is effective communication. From project conception to completion, and throughout the life of a building, we are always available to listen to our clients needs so that we can develop functional, innovative and engaging design solutions. We use tools such as project logs to track decision making and project history so that project information is always readily available to the client and the design team.

Community Focused
With 40 years of experience serving the Peace Country, and a long family history in the region, we are part of the communities we serve. Our extensive knowledge of the unique challenges posed to construction in northern regions allows us to develop relevant design solutions that are appropriate to their location. Our built environment is a critical part of our identity and we at Field Lievers Architecture Ltd. take great pride in contributing to the growth of communities throughout northern Alberta and British Columbia.

Environmentally Focused
Sustainable and environmentally responsible design is what we provide as standard practice in every design. Our design team includes LEED® accredited professionals with many years of experience in designing LEED® accredited buildings. We are dedicated to environmentally sound planning and can develop sustainable design principles appropriate to our clients needs and budgets. We work with our clients in supporting any sustainable initiatives they may wish to pursue and can help develop corporate environmental policies.

Design Process

Setting Parameters
Every project requires a distinctive approach so that all of its unique requirements are properly met. Recognizing and defining the project requirements is the first priority. By establishing a detailed work plan and project goals at the outset, the design process can be streamlined, organized and focused on providing the highest quality design services in the most expedient manner.

Team Coordination
Coordinating the necessary design professionals efficiently is a crucial step in providing the highest quality design in a timely manner. Involving each of our consultants early in the design process not only allows them to identify any issues affecting their area of work, but it also allows them to understand the project direction as a whole so that every aspect of the design is focused on the same project goals. A project manager is assigned to each job to carry out this coordination.

A major advantage to our design team is that the majority of our consultants work in close proximity to one another on a daily basis. The level of communication and coordination that can be attained through regular in house design meetings is enhanced.

Typical Project Sequence

This initial phase is quite important where scope assessment and project feasibility is determined. A meeting will be scheduled with the project manager and any other stakeholders where we will clarify expectations, roles and responsibilities, review contract matters, contractor or construction management needs, set meeting dates, confirm schedule and identify approval requirements.

This phase includes the confirmation of scope and preparation for design. Our experience will allow us to efficiently evaluate the proposed feasibility study and confirm that the conclusions drawn are appropriate to the project requirements. We will review your program, or help you develop one if required. At this time we engage the design consultants and provide an overall design strategy.

The preparation of design concepts and plans illustrating relationships between elements will begin in this phase. We will continue working with user groups and stakeholders to establish a feedback loop, using client input to further refine the design. Within a few sessions schematic designs are developed to determine an appropriate design direction and project budget.

Once a design has been approved, drawings will be developed to procure the necessary design permits such as the Development Permit. We will work the the Authorities Having Jurisdiction to bring your project through to a successful permit.

The design team will take the schematic design drawings and any Development Permit comments and generate detailed design drawings and documents for review by the client.


Upon approval of the final design, a full tender package is created, including drawings and specifications from all disciplines. Throughout this process there are review drawings provided to the client for further input, and budgets may be reviewed throughout.

Once the construction documentation has reached at least 95%, the drawings may be submitted for Building Permit. Once again we will work with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction to bring your project through to a successful permit.

The design team will take the construction document drawings and any Building Permit comments and generate a tender set of drawings that can be set out to bid by contractors. We will be available throughout this phase to answer any tender queries and provide recommendation on award.

Once the project has been awarded, we will hold regular site meetings to inspect progress, provide on-site observations and assist with coordination. Proposed requests for pricing and work orders will be issued as required, as will certificates for payment, shop drawing reviews and administrative work. Operation and maintenance manuals are collected and reviewed before being turned over to the owner, record drawings completed and substantial completion declared.

After occupancy, we remain committed to helping our clients as they take occupancy of their new space for a typical period of up to one year. We provide deficiency reviews, and total performance review and certification. Start-up assistance with staff training equipment use will be provided, as well as maintenance and operational programming assistance. Year end warranty inspection will be performed.

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